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The Podkarpackie Film Commission was created in 2016 for those who want to profit from the film potential of our region.
Its main area of activity is the full support of audio-visual productions – feature films, documentaries, promotional films and TV programmes. The commission supports filmmaking at all stages – from choosing the best locations, helping with the permits you require, up to reaching the audio-visual specialists and the production services in our region. The commission keeps a constantly updated database of shooting locations, local specialists and service providers.
In order to develop the competences of young filmmakers and grease their path to the creation of their first films the commission implements educational projects. 
In 2016 the commission established a financial support program meant for the films documenting places, people and events related to the region. This program is called the Podkarpackie Film Chronicle.
The Podkarpackie Film Commission operates the Podkarpackie Regional Film Fund - from which a producer may gain financial resources for feature film, documentary or animated cartoon. The funds, functioning on the basis of the co-production contribution, have been allocated within the framework of a competition since 2017.

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